D2 jeans cut for dummies – Part 2

I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes. Yves Saint Laurent

The classics have been covered in a previous post. More recent styles seem to be getting momentum.

1) The new classics

M.B. (for “Michael Buble”): (Low crotch, slim and slightly tappered leg, slightly twisted seam). This is one of my personal favourites, especially for wearing whith boots. One of the most balanced and most adapted to my silhouette. I live in fear that it may one day disappear. Only one model was released as part of the F/W2015 collection (faded black, with an out of alignment zip at the front), one in S/S 2016, but at least three in Mangapunk (aw16-17), and another few for 2017, which is good sign.

Sexy twist: (long crotch, tappered leg, slightly twisted seam). It seemed to have take precedence in some collections over the M.B and others. My favourite for wearing with lace ups like the Bobo derbies. I roll up the hem once and wear invisible socks…perfect summer party style!

-Clement (very low crotch, very tight on the thigh, tight calves). A Caten twins personal favourites to wear.


-Boot cut (slim and slightly flared at the hem)

Sexy crop boot cut

2) The Baggy range

Hockney (long crotch, comfortable and slightly tappered leg, short cut)

Big Dean’s brother ( long crotch, baggy, curved leg, exists with elastic waist)

Big Dean's brother
Dan elastic waist (long crotch, comfortable fit, tappered leg, elastic waist)

Dan elastic waist
Workwear (long crotch, comfortable thigh, twisted tappered leg, a bit like an exaggerated “Kenny Twist”). The most enduring style of the wide legs range.

Super big (baggy everywhere)

super big
Slouch cow-boy (long crotch, medium thigh, wider calf and hem)

Slouch cowboy

3) 2016 additions:

One of the more recent styles is the Skater jeans which started with the S/S 2016 (“Surf”) collection; a cousin of the M.B. and the Cool guy. Great balance, what I mean by that is that it is neither “long this short that”…everything in proportion for a relatively slim yet comfortable pair of jeans.

“Skate” jeans

Even more recent: 

Crotcho packo: extremely low crotch. My late brother and his mischievous friends would have said “clit-buster”. Never tried, but it did not seem to be a key piece like the skate model was. One last season, another in the new collection. Hard to predict its future, but I doubt will become a classic.

Skinny or Skinny Dan: a surprisingly classic name for a very recent introduction. It is actually less skinny that you might think. Kind of like a short cool guy, a little more tappered (15 cm hem as opposed to 16.5).

Ski flared: the name says it all, lined and designed to accomodate the ski boots.

4) 2017 additions

Glam head: ultra cropped for wearing with glam boots. 

Mac Daddy: described as medium crotch, regular bottom, it looks classic enough, may be somewhere between the Clement and the Cool guy. Does not seem revolutionary, was there a need for a new name?

5) One-offs

Apparently some other styles were just “one off”, but at least one of them has been revived:

Richard (from Richard Gere and American Gigolo, S/S Collection 2011) (inspired by 1070’s style, low crotch and long slightly flaring leg). Back recently in the “glam” collection.

Easy cool guy (one season only, a little more comfortable than cool guy)

easy cool
New rider: very long crotch, tappered leg with side seam twisting, coming forward to nearly the other side of the leg/foot.

Sexy rolled up flare (extremely low crotch, slim thigh, slightly flared, horizontal seam knee-high at the back). Might have been a one off….

sexy rolled up flared42454642IX_18_e

If you think some of the information is inaccurate please let us know, or leave a comment below.


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