D2 Jeans cut for dummies – Part 1

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.Giorgio Armani

When I started buying Dsquared2 jeans, they did not yet have the matchbox shaped cardboard tag at the back identifying the cut.

I was too new to the brand therefore I am not sure if the main styles we know today already existed or if the cuts were more random (I have sold most items bought at that time since, as I am two sizes bigger now, thanks to squats, bench presses and protein shakes).

However very quickly they started to be sold under a variety of names, some straigtforwardly intelligible, others slightly more cryptic.

Right…let’s review our old classics:

Slim (low crotch, tight bottom, straight leg). An absolute classic, but not my cup of tea personally, due to this very tight crotch and legs that in comparison are not actually that slim (the newer “Clement” fit is much slimmer for instance).

Cool guy (long crotch, medium bottom, relatively tight and tappered leg). It used to be my favourite for years. As the length is not always the same, I prefered the shorter legs ones than the models with longer legs. I have moved on now as I find Cool guys a little too tight on the thigh.

Cool guy
Kenny Twist (long crotch, comfortable bottom, wider thigh, tappered and twisted seam/leg). Great with heavy sneakers like the 551’s.

Tidy biker (originally just “biker”) (medium crotch, arched seams between thighs, back leg made of three panels, tappered). A touch of rockn’roll if this is your style or if you want to bring a bit of quirk to a more classical outfit.

Dean (classic straight very comfortable leg). I have actually never met anybody who adopted it as their own. Close to the type of jeans men wore in the 80’s, before there was a choice of cuts. Incidentally in the last few years I have never seen a photo of Dean wearing them. If you have one please send over…


Soon part 2 of the “jeans” post will explore the more recent additions to the collection, as well as the “one-off” models.


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