Dsquared2 models: Caroline Trentini, the quintessential D2 woman

We don’t buy into that shit of booking a girl because of her social media following. If we like you we like you, if we don’t like you we don’t like you. It’s about the girls their confidence. I mean, (Caroline) Trentini killed it in our show…” Dean Caten

There is certain variety of physiques and faces on a D2 catwalk. Some models would not be my first choice, or not my choice at all. However a handful of models stand out for me; I could name Allessandra Ambrosio or Izabel  Goulart for instance. Yet, one in particular represents in my view the quintessential Dsquared2 woman: Brazilian model Caroline Trentini. Fit, athletic, healthy looking, with an aristocratic face and an imperial posture. We were delighted to see her close the #D2gether show in June 2017. 

As she is getting older  she is gaining in charisma and presence. She nearly looks like she’s hovering on the catwalk. Like Jesus really…

A/W 05-06
A/W 05-06
S/S 06
S/S 06
A/W 06-07
A/W 06-07
A/W 2006-2007
A/W 2006-2007
A/W 15-16
A/W 15-16 , eight years after the photo immediately above. That’s what I call ageing well!


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