The perfect ‘Vintage Negroni’ by Stefano of Ceresio7

The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.” Orson Welles, describing the Negroni.

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You know the drill: “When in Rome….”. Well, when in Milan, you drink a Negroni, and when you’re a Dsquared2 soldier you go to Ceresio 7.

Note the Ceresio logo on the ice cube!
You can even combine these two feats by drinking the crimson red speciality by the poolside of the top floor of the Dsquared2 building.

The quintessential Milanese drink was prepared with much art by Stefano, and was served accompanied by a saucer of roasted almonds, one of apple crisps, and five small savoury canapés. The whole thing looked gorgeous, and tasted heavenly.

The warmth of a June Italian night and the smooth light reflected by the shallow pool added to the experience and made for a much romantic night indeed. One of these days I should really find another half. But that’s another day’s topic.

Let’s get back to our Negroni. Stefano was kind enough to give us his secret recipe, passed to him by his father, who got it from his own father, who got it from his father too…Ok I admit that I’m making this part up, but it makes for a good story…

Stefano displaying his skills
Here it is, so that you can have a little taste of the Ceresio7 experience in the comfort – or lack thereof – of your own home.

“Negroni vintage”

25ml of Campari

25ml of Cocchi Vermouth

25ml of Londron Dry Gin

10ml of Barolo Chinato

Orange peel

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Stefano and Carlo of Ceresio7, both wearing the Dsquared2 bar staff uniform
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