Being an immoral tart….by showing ankle

 “Socks before or after trousers, but never socks before pants, that’s the rule. Makes a man look scary, like a chicken.” Mark Corrigan, Peep Show (British TV comedy series)

This is the second post related to socks on canadian-tuxedo, which is pretty good when you consider the rarity of the item at Dsquared2, and the general lack of focused interest in these items of undergarment amongst fashion buffs.
Now, this time we are talking low socks. Ideal in the summer when you want to feel the breeze on your lower legs, and also allowing for the “no-socks look” dear to the Caten twins, amongst others. 

I managed to acquire two pairs of sporty ones from a past collection, to be worn typically with cropped pants and sneakers. I paired my “skater” jeans with one of my eight (!) pairs of “551” trainers, and these babies are the business.

I also recently bought two pairs of more formal ones. These are made of fine cotton, reminicent of dress socks, which would not make them ideal for the super casual day look, but which will feel amazing this summer at night in the clubs of Napoli or Taormina, with my “Tokyo” pants and my “Bobo” derbies.

Of course it seems mad to purchase – at a premium price – branded socks that by essence, you won’t see. But we are mad aren’t we? 

Secondly there is a big debate regarding having sex with one’s socks on. 

“Ridiculous”! Say some (mostly women and guys who remember 70’s porn). 

“So hot”! Say others (mostly a gay fetish). 

Well, I think the debate can be settled with these: naked, yet sporting these, is in my opinion a halfway house between both positions (no pun). You’ll just look cool*

 *provided you did your crunches and plank


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