Yellow fest

Mustard is no good without roast beef”    Chico Marx

Yellow is not a colour that is seen much on modern men. Occasionally on a tie, a hanky, may be on a shirt. In sportwear we see it a good bit more. As you can see above, some of my t-shirts as well as sweatpants are mustard coloured.

Did you ever wonder. Why dont we wear yellow suits?

Now, if we go back in history of art, yellow used to be the color of Judas Iscariot, the traitor. Because of this precedent, the colour sometimes symbolises envy, jealousy and duplicity.

Another negative connotation in western culture is the tradition started in the Renaissance of marking non-Christians or bad Christians, and this long before the yellow star of David imposed by the nazis.

  • Under the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th century, the unfortunate accused -who would usually end up convicted of heresy – were dressed in a yellow cape.
  • The1274 Statute of Jewry in England, enacted by King Edward I stated: “Each Jew, after he is seven years old, shall wear a distinguishing mark on his outer garment, that is to say, in the form of two Tables joined, of yellow felt…”
  • 1315–1326: Emir Ismail Abu-I-Walid forces the Jews of Granada to wear a yellow badge.

However, change continent, and change perceptions altogether: in Asia yellow plays an important role as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony, and culture.

Dsquared2 is not afraid of colours. Yellow is not uncommon at the house, as you can see below:

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Una anécdota en español (gracias a Fernando para corregirme): se dice que Jose Mari Manzanares (el padre del diestro actual que es modelo para Dolce&Gabbana y estaba presente a la inauguración de la tienda Dsquared2 de Madrid) dejó de hablarse con otro Maestro alicantino Luis Francesco Esplá, después que éste se vistiera de amarillo para una corrida donde ambos estaban anunciados. Resulta que el amarillo trae mala suerte para los toreros, que suelen ser muy supersticiosos._________________________________________________________________________________________________

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