We won’t give up our POTION without a fight!

If you want someone to miss you, go secretly and spread your fragrance somewhereBlake Lively

Recently, while travelling abroad, I went to a D2 store to purchase a new bottle of Potion, one of my signature fragrances. To my amazement the person in charge had never heard of it! After a Google search on the spot he concluded that it was no longer in production.

I further investigated the matter by calling other stores, and thus I were forced to admit the ugly truth: the fragrance is being discontinued! (If you work for the brand and we’re wrong please let us know!)

Back a few months ago we wrote an article about this very perfume, which you can read here: Youporn in a bottle?

I feel cursed, as the same happened to a Dior men’s fragrance that I my philistine nose would have put in the same scent family: Eau noire. I was really annoyed when they decided to stop its production, but coincidentally right at that time I discovered Potion, which was a great sustitute and allowed for my D2 loyalty in the perfume area.

Regarding Potion, what a short longevity (no pun intended) for a perfume only launched in 2011. It is impossible to figure out why it’s on the way out, but we can reasonably assume it did not sell enough. Puzzling for me who thought that it is the best scent ever produced by the house. The official European site seems to be selling the remaining 30ml bottles, but probably until stocks are exhausted.

Where did it all go wrong? The smell itself is fabulous, the reviews on key sites like Fragrantica (Link here) and Basenotes (Link here) are overwhelmingly positive, the ad campaign was great…

Customers reviews on Fragrantica.com
I can only give my opinion as an average customer, but to me the Dsquared2 product could have been surrounded by mystique and marketed as being unique, mysterious, and bearing a strong identity. In fact – within two years of its birth – it was drowned in the middle of an new extended family, with products called Potion Royal Black, Potion Women, Potion Blue Cadet…which had little to do – scent wise – with the original. For me, these could have been given completely different names and packaging, so that the real McCoy would have remained identifiable.

It reminds me of another of my signature scents, the original Polo by Ralph Lauren. A masterpiece. Award winning. Yet, a myriad of Eaux de toilette have been launched afterwards, called Polo Black, Polo Blue, Polo Red, Polo Sport... All as bland as each other, and having nothing in common with the 1978 original. However in that case the time frame is a key element: these bottles of liquid garbage only came on the market in the 1990’s, which means between one and two decades after the first Polo, which by then had had plenty of time to make a name for itself and gain a loyal customer base.

This “time to settle” in consumers’ minds was never given to Potion, as the distant cousins were launched between one and two years of the golden coloured fragrance designed by Annick Menardo.

Will I survive? Probably, but I won’t hide the fact that I am infuriated by the loss. I immediately ordered a 100ml bottle on Ebay, and I will order more soon. I wish I could spend my money on clothes rather than fragrance that I’ll use several years from now if I don’t die in the meantime.

Below: what my perfume cabinet will soon look like.

Courtesy Dsquared2.com

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