Dsquared2 socks (nothing to do with ‘Disco sucks’)

When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock. So I stopped wearing socks.” Albert Einstein


If there are unchartered waters in fashion blogging, it would be Dsquared2 socks.

Since I discovered the brand, it took me a while, seven years actually, but I can now literally dress Dsquared2 head to toe, having recently purchased five pairs of socks of our favourite label.

Why did it take me so long?

  • Well, first of all in my early years of interest in D2, I still wore other brands of clothes anyway. I only went D2-totaller two years ago. Socks-wise I used to buy CK and Ralph Lauren, occasionally Armani. A couple of ‘Happy socks’ too.
  • Secondly socks are relatively rare at D2. Most retailers don’t stock them, and the key sites would sell at most 4-5 models.
  • Thirdly, even though the Dsquared2 fan is well used to spending a few bob (that’s money in Hiberno-English) on even small items, these particularly small items (hosiery) sold during outside the sales season, can fetch prices for which you can get a t-shirt discounted of the same brand somewhere online.
  • Four, and this is related to the previous point, it is tempting to spend on what can actually be seen by others rather than on underwear that, unless for some reason you regularly undress in public, only a limited number of persons will have the benefit of admiring you in. And if you don’t “get lucky” that often, limited can even mean just yourself.

However don’t I have a duty to be true to my ‘from now on, D2 purchases only‘ pledge? And wouldn’t it be a betrayal of my readers’ trust  if I didn’t have at least a few stockings…

So I have finally gone for them, five pairs, and I am super happy with the purchase.

Like all decent dress socks these are well over the calf; they are made  of noble fabrics like heavy cotton or soft wool for the mountaineer inspired models. In term of design, the more fashion oriented ones have fluo bands at the top, a hidden quirk which you  can actually make visible by rolling down the top over a pair of boots for instance.

Problem is that in the summer I tend to wear invisible socks, you know the shoe-liner type, either formal, with dress shoes, or sporty, with trainers. No D2 ones in sight right now. I know for a fact that years ago such a model was issued, probably in the S/S08 Racing collection. Like an idiot I procrastinated the purchase when I saw them on ebay last summer, BNWT…and then they were gone. At that stage it is not even a first world problem I will grant you. OCD problem may be. Problem nevertheless. How can I go through the next summer? I’ll have to go back to CK or Ralph….

Now to conclude and attempt to include a little culture in what is, lets face it, a rather boring post, we have to come up with something a little far fetched: do not confuse Dsquared socks with Disco sucks. The latter was a spontaneous rebellion against this music genre at the end of the 70’s. We love disco and do do condone the event; yet, such an act of rebellion is well overdue nowadays, against manufactured bands and bland crap.



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