Meet Luca and Miky Balzarotti

So we grew together like to a double cherry, seeming parted, but yet a union in partition, two lovely berries moulded in one stem.

William Shakespeare


From time to time we introduce readers to a particular Dsquared2 aficionado. This week it is not one, but two of them that we will be acquainted with, as they are brothers, more exactly…twins. And believe it or not, these twins are actually intimate friends of Dean and Dan Caten.

They have been told that should write a book about their crazy life, full of great things, darker things as well, but a life lived to the full. Well, in the meantime we will give you a taster of who these lovely guys are.

Luca and Michele (Miky) Balzarotti were born on a 19th of June in Abbiategrasso, a town close to Milan. Luca is the oldest…by ten minutes.

Growing up in a small town, they have always felt that there was something bigger out there, and from an earlier age they wanted to discover the world.

While still based in Abbiategrasso, they have been travelling ever since, as can be appreciated from their Instagram photos. A lot of sun, a lot of Sandy beaches, a lot of ski slopes, a lot of Vuitton Holdalls piled up on airport trolleys. They even lived outside of Italy (London, Rio de Janeiro) and speak several languages. They have good friends all over the globe. As a result they really see themselves as citizens of the world.

To sustain this lifestyle, together they run the family business: a chain of optician shops; luckily for them, they love it. Check out their website here: Otticabalzarotti. And of course they sell Dsquared’s eyewear!

About being twins

Physically we are very similar, face and body; we are both obsessed with sport and always in great shape. However our personalities are very different: we are both friendly and positive people, but Michele has a better temper than me”, says Luca.“I often complain and when I have a bad feeling about someone or a situation I always get it off of my chest .” 

“However together we speak the same language , you know what I mean? The power of being twins; it is something very special and unique. We have quite a lot of twin friends and hanging out with them makes us realise that we belong to a special world. May be only twins can understand that…”. Also “We have been leaving together for more than 25 years, it’s like having a wife.”

“In any case our success in business, in our social lives, etc…is linked to our being together. It’s kind of weird , but when you have a twin you are a protagonist wherever you go. You will always be noticed. And people love us as we always bring our positive vibes with us!”

Coming out to eachother and to their parents

“We have both been straight till the age of twenty-eight. We started having relationships with guys at the same time, but it is weird because neither of us told the other that we were gay.”

“It was not really a drama to tell our parents, even if it took time for them to accept it. In the end their love for us was stronger than everything.”

Realising we were gay in 1998, we haven’t lived through the 80’s AIDS epidemics in Italy. We have always been very careful and never lived the archetypal gay lifestyle. We have always had long and serious relationships; this has saved us from getting caught in a whirlpool of casual sexual encounters.”

“It was just a matter of time before we would find ourselves at the right place at the right time. It happened one night when we met Dean and Dan…That was really the beginning of our gay life.”

Their dogs

They often share Instagram photos with their dogs. Two adorable Jack Russells: Luca’s dog is a male called Brian, while Miky has a female called Winky. 

“Dogs are part of our life; we just love them , we dedicate as much time as we can to them. They are our balance , they give us a sort of timetable, in the morning, afternoon and at night . We know that despite us having quite a lot of friends our dogs will always be there for us and strange as it might seem they actually give us support”. 

About fashion and Dsquared2

We have always liked the fashion world and felt that it was where we belonged. Being stylish is something inside of you that cannot be learned . We were stylish even at the age of twelve, thirteen. Back in the days we used to be Paninari , well dressed and always cool.” (Editor’s note: about the Paninari, see this post: Paninaro legacy)

Dsquared2 design sexy clothes as well as elegant and casual. All their stuff just fit perfectly on our bodies. Our favourite type of D2 clothes are the tuxedo jackets, the jeans which are really cool, their t-shirts which look great and often have hilarious prints and likewise, their sweatshirts.”

How well do they know eachother’s tastes?

To figure this out in a fun way, we have submitted a questionnaire to both twins, to be filled in secret. Each one had to answer a range of questions about his favourite things, and then had to guess what his brother’s own favourite things were. Here are the results:

  • Colour: Black (both guessed correctly)
  • Drink: Vodka on the rocks with a slice of lemon (both guessed correctly)
  • Dish: Spaghetti with tomato sauce for both (Miky said Luca’s was sushi)
  • Nightspot: Luca favours D.C. 10 in Ibiza / Miky likes Cavo paradiso in Mykonos (and  thought his brother’s favourite was the same)
  • Restaurant: Langosteria 10 in Milan (both guessed correctly)
  • Holiday destination: Mykonos (both guessed correctly)
  • City: New York (both guessed correctly)
  • Film: The devil wears Prada (both guessed correctly)
  • Song: both love Adele’s “Hello” (Miky thought that Luca would say L.P.’s “Lost on you”)
  • Author: Ken Follet (both guessed correctly)
  • Painter: Luca likes Andy Warhol / Miky likes Picasso (both guessed correctly)
  • Actor: Luca likes Marcello Mastroianni / Miky likes Vittorio Gassman (thought Luca would say the same)
  • Actress: Meryl Streep for both (both guessed correctly)
  • Fragrance: Tom Ford for both (both guessed correctly)
  • D2 pieces: Tuxedo jackets for both (correct guess)
  • Designer other than D2: Neil Barrett , also a really good friend of them (both guessed correctly)
  • Luggage: LV and Prada (both guessed correctly the two brands)
  • Technology: iPhone (both guessed correctly)
  • Gym exercise: both love to work out their pectorals (both guessed correctly)
  • Vice: alcohol for both (both guessed correctly) (and in the past cigarettes, but they both gave up smoking)

Impressive results, they definitely live in each other’s pockets and you can tell!

Follow them on Instagram: LUCABALZ and MIKY69



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