The ‘Fighting dudes’ style

“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer them him with love”. Mahathma Gandhi

I hadn’t yet discovered Dsquared2 in 2006, living in a place where it was not yet sold in any shop (and we are back to this situation believe it or not). As a result I only saw the “fighting dudes” or “fighters” photos several years later. A cool concept I have to say. 

I was so glad last year that the “Bitin'” t-shirt had been re-issued as part of the ICON collection, as it allows me to pair it with modern items like this waxed denim jacket (which looks like leather really), black sexy twist jeans and “asylum” boots. 

The spirit of 2006-2007 is there. And beware if you’re looking for a fight, for I will be really merciless…at calling the cops.


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