First Dsquared2 co-ed show…Just over one day to go

“I would rather trust a woman’s instinct than a man’s reason.”

Stanley Baldwin


At 8pm on Sunday 15th of January, the first fully fledged mixed show, men’s and women’s, is taking place Via Bovisasca 59 in Milan, as part of the men’s fashion week.

Secrets are well kept therefore we barely know anything about it. The hashtag is #D2gether, probably for the mixed gender aspect.

Some meagre pieces of the puzzle might have been intentionally fed to us, but these are so cryptic that it is hard to make sense of what is supposed to be going on.

  • The venue seems to be a trendy complex of restaurant, cultural centre, venue…called Spirit de Milan. The after party there should be absolutely mighty, and as always it will be heartbreaking to be in bed imagining the antics of all these beautiful people in fabulous clothes, dancing into the wee hours. With a free bar.

  • We know that there will be jewelery for both sexes. Yes, men too. Designed by Finish born Petteri Hemmila and made by jewellers AZ at their San Danielle factory. It seems that there will be Swarowsky diamond crowns and brooches in flower motifs mounted on peaked caps.


Necklace (not for D2) by Petteri Hemmila
  • The theme is hard to guess from the three distinct clips posted by the official D2 Instagram account. Last year when we attempted to infer the theme from the clips, we were rather far-off, therefore caution is necessary. However if we had to guess from them we would risk this: a blend of Amish/Quackers, Canadian Lumberjacks, and Grunge.




D2 clips have a tendency to be bleak and with an apocalyptic feel. In reality the shows are usually quite fun and colourful. So let’s brace ourselves and let’s all meet on social media Sunday night to report on our first impressions! Hasta pronto


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