Can your holes get loose from too much use? (Holes – part 2)

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society

Mark Twain


In the previous post we have had a look at the century old practice of wearing clothes intentionally slashed.

Today the topic is about these little holes you see in your distressed t-shirts.

Dsquared2 made it big after Madonna’s appearance on the cover of Interview in March 2001 (linked to her release of the video for “Don’t tell me”), wearing a now iconic T-shirt. Full of holes. Classy holes. 

For use in the summer heat I have a few grey D2 t-shirts that are very lightweight, and that  also have that type of pre-made tiny holes in them. I absolutely love wearing them. Incidentally I have the updated version of Madonna’s Harley-Davidson inspired t-shirt both in white and in black. Total class.


Note that if your own clothes are not holey enough, you’ll find Youtube DIY videos. See here: Perez Hilton – distressed t-shirt

The problem is that should you accidentally further tear a distressed area, the holes can actually get bigger and no longer look cool.


“First world problem” I agree. It was my choice to buy something with holes in it to start with, the ragged Calcutta beggar would say to me with a legitimate grin on his face.

Anyhow, after having accidentally inserted a finger (just one) in a small hole, the latter became too loose. I have had to hire the best “petites mains” (literally “little hands”, term used in haute-couture), in other words my local alteration centre, to bring an ugly loose hole back to what it was supposed to be: a cute little hole.

Below is the original accompanying post for Instagram. Not sure many people would have gotten the reference…


Worse case scenario you could end up wearing something similar to the Balmain Olive green distressed military t-shirt (below), reportedly costing $1650 a few years ago (Huffington post figure; my own research shows that it was actually “only” €394).


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