Remorse and regrets in fashion purchases

“One thing I know, if you don’t love it in the store, you won’t love it at home”.

From the film The Blind Side  (2009)  directed by John Lee Hancock

You know what the say, better having remorse than regrets. How does this motto apply to the fashionista, and in particular, the Dsquared2 aficionado?

The remorse situation 

Sometimes we buy stuff that we don’t really need (if the concept of “need” makes any sense in terms of high-end fashion), or even that we don’t really love.

Why so? It could just be the result of an impulse, classic behavioral trait for serial shoppers. The equivalent of speaking without thinking.  This is often provoked by some illusion of bargain. A small discount, a free shipping offer…might help us tip over. Sometimes what we really want is no longer available, so instead we get a “makeshift” item, a second choice, which in the end we never warm up to.

Whatever the reason, if the shop does not have a policy of accepting exchanges, we can often get some form of consolation later by selling the item on ebay or some local adverstising site. In my experience it would be unusual to get more than 30% of our orginal investment back, but when this happens a year or so after the purchase, it feels like free money, and helps feed our habit by swiftly converting guineys and crowns into new clothes for the emperors that we are.

So in most cases, unless we are talking clinical addiction to buying just for the sake of it, the remorse situation is not so bad.

Somehow as I grow older I manage to avoid that by living up to another motto, which I once read in the words of some female celebrity: if i don’t love it, i don’t buy it. I couldn’t find the originator of this approximative quote, but researching it I found the one that introduced this post above. Very wise indeed.

The regret situation

This is the flipside of the same coin: here you technically could have bought something, but for some reason, you didn’t…only to bitterly regret it down the road.

I am a particularly fine offender in that area. For a variety of reasons, I often pass.

  • I might decide that I have other priorities, that there are more pressing items to buy.
  • I might not like the piece at first sight
  • I might think it is too similar to something I already have
  • I might not have seen the item at all  (rare case nowadays) or only see it at the end of the season when my size is gone
  • The item might be from an old Dsquared2 collection, before my road to Damascus moment

Whatever the reason in that case, at some stage I will start looking at photos of the item in a different light as I did before. Again, and again. Until complete obsession, where I scan every website under the sun, saving photos on my hard drive, checking outlets on a daily basis, calling shops in exotic lands…It is a very exciting feeling if you know you might have a chance, but a terrible tragedy (yes, in fashion we are that passionate) if you know you and this piece will never cross paths…Like knowing that the love of your life lived in the 12th century. In Persia.

Below are the Dsquared2 items, in a more or less ascending order of fantasising, that I will forever regret not having purchased when I had a chance for most, or because I never had a chance for a couple, and finally because going to the gym makes you change sizes, up or down depending on the type of workout. In my case, two sizes up since my Dsquared2 prehistory.

Needless to say that if you have one of these, purchased under category 1 above (remorse), BNWT and gathering dust in a wardrobe…I’d be happy to do business with you!


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