The Dsquared2 women’s Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 pre-collection is here!

Pre-co and catwalk are two different things, therefore it is probably impossible to infer anything in relation to the co-ed show in three weeks time from what was revealed on Tuesday: the Dsquared2 women’s autumn/winter pre-collection for next year.

As we have said in several occasions, we think that the twins is getting stronger all the time in relation to womenswear. The brand has now a strong identity, a very distinguishable DNA, similar to what they have achieved with menswear over a longer period of time.

So what do we have in this range of looks? Let’s go through its main components:

Zips and pockets

Not unique to Dsquared2 but used extensively by the Catens, turning any piece into a “cargo” item.

The “Bismarck colours”

In stark contrast with the spring/summer 2017 collection, where each model sported garments of at least half a dozen colours, this time the range of tones is intentionally extremely narrow; mostly black, a little white, and the visually stricking combination of black, white and red, also known as the German imperial colours, from the flag adopted by Bismarck in 1867.

 Plain napa leather

Black leather is usually associated with the biker style, which means adorned with studs, zips, badges, and intentionally showing creases and signs of wear. However as seen in several men’s jackets in the last few collections, Dean and Dan like using it in a minimalistic way, on clothes that you would expect to be made of standard fabric. The result is absolutely stunning, and says”classy” yet “quirky”.

 Note the unique piece below, amazing in terms of style and colour, and brings us straight to Courchevel in the 70’s.


Ski loungewear

The love story between the brand and the slopes is well documented. Being partly a winter collection, the twins could not have avoided the inclusion of ski-inspired items like these.

One of the styles that is immediately recognisable as Dsquared2 is the Canadian/lumberjack inspired look, which featured heavily in the ICON collection in 2015. Translated in very feminine terms it gives us the following.

Who knew that socks and sandals would one day be cool?!

Evening wear

The party season warrants the purchase of new party clothes, and both the little black dress as well as the evening dress have been catered for, or Catened for should we say.


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