Dsquared2 kids: interview with three years old Josh

It’s 11am at the bar of the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Josh is waiting for us while sipping a hot chocolate, well pampered by his secretary/bodyguard, a sophisticated, pretty and leggy blonde, whom we learn during the course of the interview, is also his Mum. 

He seems a bit edgy at first and makes a subtle gesture towards a waiter. Immediately the Ritz manager and an army of servants rush to help. Suddenly it’s all “Yes Mr Josh, sorry Mr Josh, of course Mr Josh...”. And half a minute later, “Highway to hell” starts blasting through the loud speakers. The guy just breathes music. He can dance, he can sing…no wonder he has become the darling of the rockn’roll business.

After a while his Mum managed to get rid a legion of adoring fans asking for autographs and waiting to take selfies with him, and we can finally start the interview.

: Hello Josh, we know you are pretty a busy fellow so thanks for accepting to take a few minutes of your time to talk to the readers of Canadian Tuxedo.

J: No worries dude! Chill out you’re going to get yourself an ulcer…

CT: Ok, first tell us where how old you are and where you are from. 

J: Already three years old…. time flies! I’m a citizen of the world dude. A bit Polish, a bit German, but the important is not where you come from, it’s where you’re going to! 

CT: Are you enjoying your stay in Paris?

J: Great buzz here. The Lego scene rocks!

CT: Were you always into Dsquared2?

J: A while ago I was more into Pampers, but these days I wear a bit of Kenzo and Moncler, and of course yes I like my D2. Just the way the chicks look at me, I’m telling you buddy…that’s pretty cool…

: We believe your mum wears the brand too?

J: Ah yeah, my mum has always been a classy bird, so one days she’ll be all sporty and the next she’s in an evening dress, but you know man, always immaculate. Often in D2. Yeah, a classy Polish lady I guess…You should see them blokes checking her out. Haha, losers, not a chance!

: Great, and what do you want to do when you grow up?

J: Ah….plenty of time to think about it. May be do a bit of acting or modelling to pay the rent, and travel the world. Basically live the life man…

CT: It is rumoured that you’ve been trying to quit gummy bears for weeks now. How are you coping?

J: Yeah that’s right, terrible for your teeth you know…and I love my teeth man. So handy, for cakes and all…On the positive side, there’s always the tooth fairy…[At this stage of the interview he starts examining my teeth, asking me if I use dental floss and things like that]

CT: Last question, the one everybody wants to know about.. You and Emily [from the Play-Doh TV ad]…is there a bit of romance here?

J: C’mon dude give me a break with that…Emily is great, but look…just good friends.

CT: Well Josh, we wish you the best in all your endeavours. Thanks so much for answering our questions, we will let you get back to your busy schedule now. 

J: Cheers buddy, peace (does a peace sign with his fingers) and chill out!

If you want to get in touch with Josh or his Mum, check them out on Instagram @followmyfashioninstinct


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