The evening bow tie by Dsquared2

A gentleman can never have too many bow ties“. Justin Timberlake

If there is a time of year where wearing a black-tie outfit is likely to happen, it is within the next couple of weeks.

We wouldn’t be called Canadian-tuxedo if one of Dsquared2 forte wasn’t eveningwear. Every collection features a range of full dinner suits, odd dinner jackets, formal trousers, patent shoes, bib shirts…And obviously, bow ties or “noeud papillon” (French for butterfly knot) as proper formal neckwear.

The brand has produced most “classic styles” of bow ties, but true to its ethos, it usually finds some quirks to make some of these small pieces of silk different each season.

  • The classic shapes we alluded to are the classic Butterfly and the batwing.  Note that the also classic diamond point would not be common at D2.

  • Classic variations will be either in the shape of the wings (large, medium or narrow, rounded or straight edges) and in the fabric, from the satin silk to barathea and grosgrain (or faille), or even velvet or wool.

  • Caten-style quirks can include extreme shapes like ultra wide or ultra narrow, and using two different types of silk on the wings, or having the front and back wings a different fabric.

Note that in an iconoclastic fashion, Dsquared2 makes its bow ties pre-tied, ultimate sacrilege to eveningwear connoisseurs. 

I personally love the ritual of tying my ” papillon” before a night out, and the irregularities inherent to self-tying are what makes the decorative item fascinating to me; this is why I have a hard time finding the right D2 neckwear for me, the closest I found to my taste is the below, as it looks resonably close to a self tied knot. However I am still hoping to find a fully fledged non-pre-tied silk one. Let me know if you spot one somewhere.

Note that if we haven’t yet seen the “distressed look” on bow ties, the quirk of imperfection proper to self-tied style can extend to pre-tied items, in true Caten fashion, like youncan see on the one below, owned by our friend JDS, the great stage magician whose interview can be found here: JFS interview


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