The “Whistler” boots

Cross-country skiing is great if you live in a small countrySteven Wright

December has arrived, and at least in the Northern hemisphere, if it evokes a fat guy dressed in red, it also suggests the meteorological phenomenon known as snow. Named after a ski resort, the “Whistler” boots have recently joined my collection of Dsquared2 footwear.

First released in the Icon collection, these babies have been reconducted this winter, and like the “Bobo” before them, could potentially become a classic, permanent collection item. 

Whistler is in British Columbia and is the location of one of the largest ski resorts in North America. It hosted one of the venues for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Just see for yourselves on the photo below, the dream like quality of the setting!

Note that for some reason the Facebook page of Dean Caten states “from Whistler” (when in fact the Catens are from Willowdale.)

Made by Dsquared2 SPA rather than through licensing, the boots bear the D2 DNA in being classic yet quirky, classy yet casual, and having this characteristic high heel and sole. To avoid an accident that happened with my “Asylum” boots, which have the same sole (a heel fell off), I am getting a renowned cobbler to nail the heels. On the asylum boots he managed to do it from the inside, under the inside sole, which is then invisible and secures the whole thing. For some reason he decided to do it from the outside on these (see below).

It is one of these models the purchase of which I kept on postponing, but that I am finally proud to now have on my ever expanding shoe rack.


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    • Buongiorno Julius, I find them wonderful, quite “hard” so your feet will have to adapt, may be by wearing them 4 hours on day 1, then same a few days later…and gradually increase, else it could hurt a bit.

      Sizing is quite true to size. I often have the problem with D2’s shoes (leather and runners) where I have to buy one size smaller. However the leather boots made “in house” (no longer by a licensee) in the last 2-3 years have been true to size. If you are a 41, take 41. However it is still one size smaller than let’s say a pair of Puma or New Balance trainers. If you wear Puma 41, take Whistler boots in 40 for example. Not sure if there are many left for sale though…

      If you get them let us know what you think !

      All the best 🙂


  1. Thanks a lot for your reply, i ordered today in the yoox online shop. I am really looking forward to receive them the shape of this boot is really great. I am looking for a kind of hiking boot since a long time and most of the modells i tried were really to massive and appeared like a u boat on the foot. Honestly i never saw them in real but it seems they are goodyear welted and the leather is good quality, isnt it?


    • Quality is top class at every level. As I explained in the post i got the sole nailed by a cobbler to avoid a bad surprise, just in case. However both sole and body are top quality and will last for years and years no doubt about that.

      I think i saw them on Yoox but in brown, there were some blacks only for the US site. May be new arrivals, I’ll check. Let us know what you think when you have them. 🙂


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