Evening wear for water sports

Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!


The openening scene of Goldfinger (1964) is to me the quintessential James Bond sequence. You probably remember this seagul being in fact a decoy hiding 007 in full diving gear. Soon after after having blown up some drug manufacturing plant, he takes off his wetsuit to reveal an impeccably pressed white dinner jacket. It really doesn’t get much better as a Bond defining moment.

But in real life, do evening wear and water sport ever meet? Well, the Caten twins have done it. In their characteristic way of mixing and matching what cannot be mixed, they produced a hybrid jacket – as part of the “Deep surf” collection (s/s2016), that has the front, lapels, and back of a tuxedo, and the shoulders and sleeves of a diving suit.

I have to admit not being usually too keen on hybrid pieces, but this one totally seduced me, allowing me to look really chic yet in a casual way (for instance the abscence of breast pocket does not allow for a hankie, which I would normally always wear). I actually wear it against all my traditional principles, over a law ng sleeves t-shirt rather than a shirt (formal shirt cuffs would look too really bizzare coming out of zipped sleeve cuffs).

What I also like a lot about the jacket is the cut, which with its single button placed higher than on a Beverley Hills model, its short back and its higherbthan usual lapels, reminds me of the now defunct Hollywood cut tuxedo. The deep black offered by the neoprene is also to be commended.

My only problem with this piece: it states “Do not wash”! Surprising for a watersport inspired item, and annoying since there is hardly a night out when I don’t end up with some alcohol stain (self-inflicted or not) somewhere on my person. I will have to strive to keep them below waist.


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