Fashion business: the Dsquared2 licenses

Great results, can be achieved with small forces.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Even though the Caten twins have been expanding into some lifestyle related areas (restaurant, guesthouse…), Dsquared2 is mostly a brand and a design house: Dean and Dan own the name, they design several collections every year, they show these to the press and to buyers during fashion weeks, they run advertising campaigns…This side of the business is carried out by them through Dsquared SPA, whose seat is at Ceresio 7/9, 20154 Milano, Tax ID 05384390968 (“Dsquared2”).

However the house does not produce many items itself (as in having its own factories and hiring staff to physically make goods). It does so only for men and women’s shoes (the latter after a license to Pollini for a couple of seasons around 2007) and for bags and accessories.

All the rest is physically made by other specialised companies with whom Dsquared2 has negociated the granting of a license. Some of these are short term (3 years is common), but some can reach up to 17 years (like the 2010 renewal with Staff International).

Interestingly we recently joked about D2 expanding into other areas like watches. In an interview to the UK Times magazine shortly afterwards, the twins explained that the fact that they never went into watches was proof of their integrity. They do not want to just sell their name around for companies to produce mediocre items, like Pierre Cardin did in the 80’s for instance. “We would’t do watches […], because we wouldn’t want to wear that kind of watch“.

We have attempted to identify most – hopefully all- the current licenses (not franchises to shops) for the production of Dsquared2 items on the following chart. If you think we missed anything please let us know!

Note: the chart is now a revised one after a reader pointed out some errors in the orignal one.


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  1. Hi,
    Actually men shoe license is no more with Galizio Torresi but it’s managed inside Dsquared2 SpA which has men and women shoes, bags and accessories.
    And there’s a typo in the fragrances licensee, they are ICR ITF. The former is the production company while the latter is the licensee.
    Yoox group is now YNAP Group after merging with Net-a-porter.
    Rough snowboard license lasted only 1 year and it is now over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot for your correcting our mistakes, and apologies for having made them in the first place.

      I have now replaced the old chart with an amended version, the only bit i could not specify due to space was the difference between ICR and ITF, but your kind comment has taken care of that.

      Any more wisdom to share with us will always be welcome, I can do with knowledgeable sources!

      Kind regards


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