Twin brother is watching you! 

The symbol may represent a god, but it is not the God of the Bible. It is a human eye indicating that man is god. J.R. Church, Guardians of the Grail

(S)he who watched to spring summer ready-to-wear show 2017 could not have missed the ubiquitous eye symbol adorning sandal, necklaces, bracelets…

It is not the first time the occulus can be seen on D2 pieces, but this time it really took central stage in its omnipresence.

So why the choice of the eye? It is hard to say what Dean Caten had in mind (until now he worked more on the women’s collection while Dan focused on men’s), and it is important to note that the eye was often paired with another symbol, be it a tied cross, a ribbon, a heart, or Dean’s lips smoking a cigarette.


The evil eye

The most plausible explanation is the evil eye. In many traditions, the latter is a talisman againts the curse of the same name cast by a malevolent spirit. As the curse brings misfortune or injury, the jewel carrying the symbolic eye is supposed to protect its bearer. Some prints on past collections’ D2 t-shirt show an interest of the Caten twins for psychic stuff, and the eye was already there. This is why this theory is the most likely.

The all-seeing eye


However conspiracy theorists might instead see in it the Masonic symbol known as the eye of providence, or the all-seeing eye. This one is usually surrounded by rays of light and often inside a triangular (or quadrangular) shape. It is said to represents the eye of God – or the Supreme Being – or again the great architect of the universe – watching over mankind. Square ruler and compas, archetypal feemasons attributes, are a common frame for the symbol. Even though the Dsquared2 jewelery does not clearly feature such items, the shape of the eyelids nearly suggests them. And we should remember a t-shirt specifically mentionning it a while back. Are Dean and Dan part of some illuminati-like initiatic society?


The clockwork orange eye


Finally, the eye symbol is also reminiscent of the decorations and make-up worn by Alex and his droogies in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s book: ” A clockwork orange”. A bit far-fetched here, yet some women’s clothes are connected in style to the mens 2017 collection and are partly of 1970’s “boot boys” inspiration; this urban tribe has some connection with the banned cinematographic masterpiece, both as a source of the protagonists’ look and for later on inspiring some working-class youths to indulge in copycat violence.

In the end may be it is none, or a bit of all of these. No matter what, it gives a great depth to the accessories of the collection, a near spiritual dimension that is interesting to try and analyse.

So, go on team D2ynasty, and beware all..Dean’s eye is watching you.

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