Dean and Dan fatale

Did you hear about the Scottish drag queen? He wore pants.” Lynn Lavner

Before making it big in the fashion world, Dean and Dan had to find a way of paying the rent, even if it was just an attic in Milan. This is how for about three years in the 90’s, they worked in clubs as drag acts in clubs of the Italian and French rivieras.

They created these sets of burlesque characters, always based on the concept of twins, having names starting with the same letter like their own real names (Amber and Ashley, Delta and Dakota, Lisa and Leslie…) and for these they fashioned new outfits every week. 

This way not only did they manage to make a few Italian liras and French francs, it was also a creative release (as Dean explained much later in a interview). 

The characters were glamourous, even slutty, and this probably filtered in later in their designers lives to give them the strenght to be out there, unhibited, and when their label became synonymous with colour, exuberance and sexuality. Dean says: “[drag] is a schooling about courage, not being afraid, and throwing yourself out there. I think that definitely helped build our brand“.

Impressive transformation skills, which they will use again, this time with the help of an small army of very talented people, to turn them into glamorous divas, quasi MILF’s, in the short clip for S/S2013, “Behind the mirror”, directed by Mert & Marcus, which you can view here: Behind the mirror

Dean Caten
Dan Caten

Fairly credible aren’t they? 


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