‘Million dollar babe’… Marina from Go!fashion

Today’s blog post wil let free rein to Marina from Go!Fashion. Canadian Tuxedo spotted her wearing D2 on her Instagram, and with that much class we had no choice but get in touch. 

Go!Fashion program is designed at fashionistas ladies who want to experience all the glam during fashion weeks, not just in Milan but worldwide. That means invitations for cocktails at events organised by the brands, access to exclusive showrooms, private parties, street-style photoshoots with the best photographers in the industry…and much more! Full program available on request. Experience your 15 minutes of glory during fashion weeks!

Here is what she has to say about our favourite brand:    

Instagram: m_er_li

Hi, Dsquared2 lovers! My name is Marina Erverdi, I live in Ukraine and it’s an honour for me to have an opportunity to be featured on Canadian-Tuxedo!                     I landed in the fashion industry a few years ago, by accident. I was doing translations during buyings in Milan and Paris, as assistant to the CEO of a big fashion group. 

This led me to reconsider my wardrobe in a big way. I had limited finances but on Instagram I was following hundreds of bloggers who were all wearing thousand euro outfits. So I made a strategic choice to invest into long lasting items (in terms of style and quality) which are easy to mix and match to create a ‘million dollar babe‘ look….And that’s how Dsquared2 and I met!

My first purchase, four years ago, was the red suit (long shorts and jacket). I often pair it with high heels and a crisp white shirt for business meetings, and in the last two years with sneakers, which are so big right now, as well as with basic t-shirts. It has seriously payed back its cost of 600 euro in an outlet in Rome!

Having seen the high quality standards of Dsquared items I went for their jeans. The variety of styles, perfect cut and fit, their length (very important with my 1.80m height) and amazing shades blew me away! But again, due to my limited finances I opted for a classic, straight, blue model and after that another one, a skinny one with zips.

After a zillion washes they retain their colour; long hours of sitting doesn’t spoil the shape, and they are still trendy a few years on…. What else could you want from your jeans! I prefer spending a little more once for durable quality than throw away small amounts several time a year.

However my true and deep love for the brand really started when I attended the D2 show during my first fashion week in March 2015. The most famous bloggers and media faces were there alongside top models…’Hanging Tree‘, the soundtrack from ‘The Hunger Games‘…The bright vivid sexy and provocative collection evoking tribe women covered with furs…

The talented brothers were there smiling and dancing, justifiably proud of their success. Just a few days before they had opened the first ‘D2 Area’ flagship store in Corso Como. The ‘Twin Peaks‘ bag was about to become one of most wanted bags of a season! Who wouldn’t fall for all of this? I certainly did!

Since then I tend to get one or two pieces per season. Sometimes it’s an accessory (like those braces on the photo that I got as a birthday present), a sweatshirt, a pair of sneakers or a small bag. The ‘tattoo’ body is on my wish-list.

The fact that Dean and Dan are highly associated with their brand is in my opinion both a strong and a weak point. On the one hand they are so friendly, alive, energetic, fun and professional that it creates a huge attraction to the brand. One of their latest projects for instance, ‘Caten Uncut’ (editor’s note: a series of video clips of the twins in various places) is a pure genius as it shows them not as gods but as approachable, normal people! On the other hand, you see several fashion house recently changing creative directors; but in the case of D2, the connection between the designers personalities and the brand is so strong that I wonder if there could ever be a Dsquared2..without the Caten twins!


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