Hey you, BIGTIT.ME…get off of my Instagram!

If you’re a Dsquared2 enthusiast, you must have looked up the brand as a hashtag on Instagram (Dsquared, Dsquared2, DSQ2, Dsquaredjeans…).

So what do we get in there?  It is impossible to list everything, but a few recurring categories can easily be identified.

  • Well first worthy of mentionning, obviously, are photos of the official account of Dean and Dan, and the numerous reposts of same. Under each photo, dozen of comments of adoring fans using all combinations of all the emojis in the catalogue. We must have done that too.


  • Various photos of (mostly men’s) crotches. Fot the red tab on the jeans. Usually P.O.V. pics (“point of view”, taken by wearer), with an outrageously colourful Hermes belt, Flashy Italian shoes, a massive Rolex watch, and holding a cigar. For some, more is more.


  • Fake D2 baseball caps for sale. Loads of them. With price and Whatsapp number. Who buys them? Amongst others, see below.

  • Hot Eastern European girls wearing a D2 baseball cap. A certain percentage of the hats – though not all – must be the aforementionned knockoffs. Sometimes hard to distinguish one girl from the other; all pretty, all thin, all duckfacing.


  • A few guys in D2 speedos on the beach. Total Appollos, they have muscles you didn’t know existed. They are super tanned and happy just to make you jaleous, and look like they “get some”. A lot of it. With whoever they want.


  • The “jeune des banlieues” (literally young guys from the suburbs [of French cities]). On his profile, invariably, a poorly constructed and often tautological quote of his own making. Made up, yet realistic example: “You know who you like but do you like who you know?” Sportswear only, sometimes fake, with Vuitton manbag. Looking menacing. Beard, not of the hipster type but you know…the other type. Never seems to care about the background for the photo; often not the prettiest.


  • The Ceresio pools, with a cocktail on the table. Or at sunset. A classic.

  • Showroom photos from buyers, which unwittingly at times alert us ahead of some themes of coming pre-collections. Thanks guys.

  • The “photo with the Caten twins”. As the latter are serious party animals, dozens of punters must pester them for a photo each night, and the brothers seem to oblige graciously as they always smile in the most genuine and charming way. For some reason, never look tired or weird or with eyes closed or red…Masters at this game.

  • Some irrelevant shite, for which you really wonder why there is a #Dsquared2 underneath.
  • Some Philip Plein posts where the Instagramer must have forgotten to remove the #Dsquared2 off their pre-saved hashtag list.
  • Posts by “the regulars”.  A couple of Instagram accounts specialise in D2. One where hashtagging them under your picture will have you feature on their wall for instance. Also regulars, a few dedicated fans, some of which we have already interviewed or will feature in future posts. And of course, ourselves, “Canadian Tuxedo – All about Dsquared2”.



  • And finally, BIGTIT.ME posts. We are anything but conservative, and kink is more than welcome online as far as we are concerned, however we do not like spam and scams. We decided to investigate this one for you. There are dozens and dozens of different accounts all posting BIGTIT.ME pics. All accounts look kind of similar yet different, which makes reporting one or two as spam useless. Examples:

They feature random sexy, or less sexy, hetero oriented pics, with the caption “VISIT SITE -BIGTIT.ME”. 

An “.ME” domain means that it is registered in Montenegro. If you try the actual http://www.bigtit.me site, you get redirected to various websites depending on which country you are. From Spain for instance it redirects you towards the following:

Hard to believe some people fall for such scams, but it must happen othewise the originators would not bother with all this spam. I assume.

I wish BIGTIT.ME f***ed off my Instagram.

That’sit folks, if you have noticed a recurring type of post that we have forgotten to put in please alert us!

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Note: it was impossible to request permission for the use of all the Instagram photos above, however their presence on this site is allowed from a legal (copyright) point of view through the concept of “permitted acts: fair dealing for the purpose of criticism or review” (In Irish law, similar to “fair use” or “fair usage” in other common law jurisdictions).


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