The fashionable snowman: the Dsquared2 ski collection

Dean and Dan love their holidays. Seaside or mountain slopes. They are still in Mykonos right now. Yesterday we saw them on Instagram water skiing actually…However the sun is starting to set earlier everyday, and it’s time to start thinking of cooler days ahead. This is why the company has just announced the details of the (snow) ski capsule collection for this winter.

This will be a welcome move in some resorts, as attempts at making ski gear cool have not always been so succesful, see below.

The brand is not completely new to winter sports, as they have produced ski-specific items before (goggles and snowboards for instance), as well as ski-inspired pieces, like the “ski-ska-punk” collection for kids.

However this time it is a distinct mini collection of items, most of which you would not really wear anywhere but on or around the slopes (apart from a few chalet lounge pieces). It will be available at the end of October in selected boutiques. We know for definite: St. Moritz, Gstaad, Milan, London, Paris, Rome, New York and Los Angeles.

You will recognise the D2 DNA in most pieces, from the denim jacket insert to the classic maple leaves, fur hats, lumberjack checks, camouflage…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One great innovative idea: the Dsquared2 jeans…with waterproof lining!

Great way to look cool and even hook up with hotties. However looking über-cool is not the only requirement to be hot on the slopes….


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