How to rock men’s denim shorts

Women more or less look good regardless of the choice of denim shorts, probably because all that is sold is always a version of the iconic Daisy Dukes.

Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke in her iconic shorts
Men on the other​ hand, can look from the sublime to the perfectly ridiculous in them, and it’s all due to the wrong combination of subtle details.

Not every man can pull off the Daisy Dukes. Scott Ian of Anthrax tells a funny anecdote involving Motorhead’s Lemmy in the documentary “Metal evolution”. I highly recommend watching.

The late Lemmy
Now, just look at the typical middle aged tourist on holidays. If he wears denim shorts, there is a good chance that you would rather be dead than dress like him. But you love denim shorts, so​ how come?

The important factors to look at are:

-The appropriate length/width ratio for YOUR silhouette. 

Some men have long skinny legs, other short and stocky; you also get the long trunk-like ones, and the tiny pins as well. Plus some are straight, curved, x-shaped…

For shorts you have the “pencil style” (long and slim), the “square” (boxier), the male version of the aforementioned Daisy Dukes, the 3/4 one (which you should avoid at all cost)…

Based on one’s physical characteristics, each man must try several styles in terms of length and width, until he shall find the one that compliments his unique silhouette. This is not an exact science, and the choice can be tricky, but finding the right balance is essential.

The two photos above feature the exact same shorts. Yet you can see how different they appear due to the difference in bodily shape of the model.
Roll ups nearly often make it look better.

The bottom hem can sometimes look weird; it looks like it should be down at your ankle, not above your knee. May be such a “clean” cut here gets subconsciously associated with nerdy jeans which are never distressed at the hem.

Roll this up and gain in cool factor
Whatever the reason, try to roll it up one or two folds. Too many folds and they will look like tyres around your thighs though, so be careful. Only one is actually pretty nice, as you see the reverse side of the hem. It says “I’m cool without forcing it”.

Wear the right shoes.

Again here your own silhouette will be crucial in picking the right shoes. Not everyone can get away with denim shorts and black lace-ups! Flip-flops when the legs are short and thick? Definitely avoid! Note that sneakers are always a safe choice, this has been scientifically proven. This one says “I’m cool without being sloppy”.

Beware of the socks!

Either pick some thick hockey player style socks and wear them pulled down around your ankle, or go for invisible socks. Unless you are ultra-fashion forward and trying to provoke a riot, you should not wear dark coloured classic socks, i.e the type you wear with a suit. This is borderline illegal. Socks with sandals are another risky gamble….safer without.

Consider hair removal. 

Leg hair ranges from light to dark, and from tame to centrifugal. In the latter case you might think of shaving, waxing, trimming…You’d be surprised how much it can “rejuvenate” a lower body. Modern methods are plentiful and all straightforward. Using a good body trimmer for instance, both legs are done in less than four minutes. Just do it once a week in the shower, then go out and show off these pipes.

The squat rack is your best friend.

Too many men have legs that need toning. Even amongst gym goers, who often tend to focus on the upper body and neglect the biggest muscle in humans: quads.

Shorts that show the bulge…of strong thighs can look really attractive to both gay men and women alike. Similarly, toned calves scream “I am healthy and I walk/run/cycle”, as opposed to shapeless lower limbs which indicate a preference for the seated position.

Some quads!

Dsquared2 produce denim shorts in various shapes and wash each season. A couple of them still puzzle me for their unlikely cut, and this will be the topic of a further post, but you can usually find one or two solid models that will make you look the business at this holiday resort. However, in the evening, remember that it is usually smarter to go for full lenght pants…Grown up pants as some women told Charlie Sheen/Harper to wear out.


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