After Balmain for H&M…Dsquared2 for HBC! 

I have to say I genuinely have no idea if what i am going to “reveal” in this post is already public knowledge…or if this is going to provoke a new gold2 rush.

I’ll say it in short: the Olympic games opening ceremony’s outfits for the Canadian team, designed by Dsquared2, are available for purchase online, at extremely affordable prices.

Here is the link to where you can order items from the collection: Dsquared2 X HBC

These uniforms have been designed by our favourite twins and are produced and distributed by Hudson’s Bay Company, which is no less than the oldest company in North America (founded in 1670).

These pieces might not be made by the familiar Staff International, yet they carry what I have already called (using an obscure biblical pun), the “mark of Caten“. Fishtail backs, Maple leaves, quirky prints, “Canada” logos, poplin shirt sleeved t-shirts, tappered pants, hybrid jackets…you’d think you are via Pietro Verri.

I could be correct in thinking that the main contingent of the D2 fans is not yet aware of this, and that could be the explanation for the t-shirts and the baseball cap not to be out of stock yet. Who knows what will happen after this post! 🙂

If none of these pieces would seem out of place on the official site, the prices are crazy low, for those who are used to buy standard D2.

See for yourselves, in Canadian dollars (at the time of writing = 0.76 US dollar and 0.68 euro) $30 (baseball cap): €35 (t-shirt), $85 (shirt sleeves t-shirt), $140 (pants) and $150 jacket. So literally you could be dressed head to toe (well, ankle actually) for $355!

And so far, the online reaction seems to be positive. Unlike the Iranian outfit for the same ceremony, which has been compared to…erasers.

 Credit:IG @rambodjavan1


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