Bitch what? bitch who? bitch when?

You might have noticed that a hashtag appeared around the time of the D2 latest men’s show, which reflected a t-shirt worn by the models before the show: it said “BITCH WHERE”.

Now, we are used to cryptic prints on Caten’s creations, but we did not investigate this one as the t-shirt was not for sale.

We did find a reference to it being auctionned on ebay in 2015, but nothing else.
That is until last Monday, when Yoox advertised the sale of the “summer limited edition” capsule/mini-collection: a baseball cap, a t-shirt available in black or white, and swimming trunks. Shortly afterwards, the official D2 site (which is a branch of Yoox) featured the range as well.

Prompted by this event, we decided to investigate the story behind the print.

Bitch where? is actually an Internet meme which started on Vine.  It is hard to keep abreast of the rise and fall of social media platforms these days, so in case you did not know, (not .com) is a video sharing network that allows users to upload 6 sconds videos. 

The one we are interested in here was originally posted in January 2015 by a user named Brionna London. Here it is: Bitch where?

Text: “This bitch called me ugly. I said, ‘Bitch where?’ She said, ‘Under all that makeup.’ I said, [Brianna wipes her face to show that she is not wearing any] ‘Bitch where?’”

From mid-2015 it went viral by way of people copying it first on Vine, then on other platforms, Tumblr (static photos this time) in particular, hereby becoming a meme.

With their camp antics no wonder Dean and Dan just loved the mannerism of the girl. So much so that the meme is now enshrined into a limited edition range.

It is a no-gender collection (although the swimwear is clearly menswear) which Yoox describes in this way: “Cheeky and fun. This capsule collection epitomises the talent of Dean & Dan, the most provocative twins in the fashion world.” 

Here we go, we will go to bed more educated…about Vine memes.

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