“Melattica” t-shirts

There is this episode of Two and a Half men where one of Charlie’s conquest is a tattooed rock chick, who we are told works selling knockoff t-shirts at heavy metal concerts.

She pops in at the Malibu house wearing a “MELATTICA” t-shirt. With the same fonts as the real thing, the black background and the overall rockn’roll look of the wearer, you wouldn’t necessarily pay attention; I am not sure many people realised it actually as a Google search gives no relevant results.

I couldn’t help thinking of this when I stumbled upon this comical DSQUARRED2 t-shirt on Instagram. 

Coincidentally, a day or two later I came accross this horror:

Also reminds me of this friend of mine – in the days where it was relatively exclusive and prestigious to wear Ralph Lauren – who was wearing one of the iconing shirts with the little polo player on the chest. He was at the airport waiting for his flight. There was a guy on the same plane wearing a ridiculous knockoff, the logo looking like a pelican saddled on top of a shetland pony. During the trip, the guy kept on giving my mate knowing looks, as in “You and I are of the same guild”.

I hope I don’t have to sit face to Mr Dsquarred2/Dsruaqed2 t-shirt ever, giving me knowing looks. Cringefest.


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