Expansionist dreams

In the beginning D2 created clothes for men, and the spirit of D2 was hovering over the catwalk. And D2 said  “Let there be footwear” and there was footwear, and D2 saw that this was good. Then D2 created a women’s line…                              

Now i won’t bore you with the genesis of the multi-line brand that we know today, but after expanding into bags, underwear, kids clothes, accessories, eyewear, fragrances…what else would we want to be bearing the mark of Caten?

Personally I wish for (ordered below by ascending level of obsession):

Tableware: our favourite brand being strong when it comes to colours and print, this would be an asset to make plates, mugs, trays and so on. Example, Ciro could be chewing on a bone right on your plate…

Bedding: we already had a post on the theme; there already are “DDC” monogram bedsheets, but at the moment not for sale, apparently only for use at the D2 guest house (the latter was discussed in a recent post as well).

Bathroom towels: this is related to the above as many stores sell both in the same department. Dsquared2 does beach towels but so far no sets of bath towel/bath mat/face cloth…I wouldn’t mind the quirky touch of Dean & Dan as decoration in my recently done Italian bathroom.

Choice of t-shirt cut: in the same way as the same jeans “wash” is sold in two or three styles, the print on a t-shirt could be available with a “hetero fit” or a “Dan chic” fit for instance.

Watches: if you want a D2 total look, as some of us do, you can…up to 99%. You will be D2 down to your socks and wallet, however your watch will currently have to be a foreigner in D2 land. 

Note that there wouldn’t be the need for a huge collection; it could just be a couple of classics, with new colours every season. Making them out of plastic (Swatch style) would make them a “fun” accessory, which would not even pretend to compete with the Rolexes of this world (the twins favourite watches).

Made-to-measure shirts: some fashion houses started by selling ready-to-wear only, and some years later began to offer the super-chic option of having shirts made to the customer’s measurements, by following an existing pattern (as opposed to bespoke where the customer would decide on every element, and the product being made to these unique specs). Dior Homme on the higher end of the label spectrum, Hackett on the less exclusive end, are examples of this. 

I do have a good few D2 shirts, and they are great, but I usually wear them under a jacket, in a semi-formal way. Yet in the summer I love wearing my shirts untucked. Dsq shirts are not made for that. They are far too long and fitted, you would just look like a long vertical tube with tiny legs coming out underneath. Bad silhouette. Made-to-measure would allow me to stay loyal to D2 (yes I cheat with Dior), but opt for cuts a little boxier than what is on offer at the moment.

Papalwear: now that there is a boutique in Rome, I think that the pope should wear D2. This should be a Vatican and Via Ceresio priority.


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