The Dsquared2 guest house project

Note: all the information and photographs below were obtained from freely available sources online. Should there be any claim over the right to republish the material, please let us know and we would remove the offending material.

In September 2013, when Ceresio7 was inaugurated, it was revealed: ‘a guest house is also in the works, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year.’

We know that it has not yet started to run, but we also know that the place is probably completed, as at least two events have taken place in it recently:  the twins’ birthday celebrations on the 19th of December 2015 (photos below) and a dinner for their biggest clients on a Monday of June just gone.


What do we know about it? Very little actually.

The architects are Dsquared2 regulars: Storage Associati, of Milano. They have for instance designed the London store and very recently, done a great job at the newly open Rome store.

A company which we will not name submitted a project for the lighting but in the end did not get the gig. This what their plan was:

From this, should we infer that there will be a gym or at least some trainining equipment? Impossible to say at the moment.

We have also probably a good idea of the living quarters, as Dan recently kindly brought some coffee and croissants to his brother Dean who was sleeping there. Below are some (poor quality unfortunately) snaps.

Possibly real fur bed cover here. As the twins say, they are from Canada, they grew up with it. Looks super comfy. Dean is snug as a bug in a rug!

The coffee machine appears to be a Gaggenau. It is unclear whether the microwave and fridge also are, eventhough the logo seems pretty similar.

As discussed in a previous post, note the monogram (or is it binogram?) on the bedding! I wouldn’t be surprised if D2 eventually delved into a home collection. A lot of designers end up doing so when their brand have reached a certain level of credibility.

Poor Dean, having to put on sunglasses to be able to sleep a little longer…


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