Dsquared2 and soccer/football

Our favourite brand is well known for its cachet amongst North American celebrities, in particular those from the music industry, and the fashion media does not miss the opportunity to discuss the merits of such and such an outfit worn by RiRi or Queen Bey.

However there is a lesser covered connection, which is with the soccer world, or football, depending on who you are talking to.

D2 started a direct collaboration with a team by designing the off-field uniforms for the Turin Juventus F.C. in 2006. 

Following this adventure which lasted until 2010, the players obviously developed a relationship with the brand as some would have later been seen wearing it or for some, even attending shows.

Nicola Trezeguet and his then wife, both wearing D2 pieces, in 2011
Nicola Legrottaglie at the D2 show in 2009

Later on it would be Barcelona F.C. who would chose the twins to design the uniforms of the team, the technical staff, and management.

These consisted of tailor-made grey suits which featured a white cotton “TV fold” pocket square insert sewn inside the breast pocket (as sports people are less likely to take the care necessary to a foldable delicate silk item).

Again, in non-official functions, some players are still seen in DSQ.

Pep Guardiola
David Villa

Despite the abscence of any official sponsorship or club partnership, the Italian brand is also very popular with players of other Spanish clubs, in particular those of Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos in an iconic piece, the jeans with leather patch

Cristiano Ronaldo in street style “total look”
Cristiano Ronaldo in a Beverly Hills tuxedo
 Clothes, but also Dsquared2 sunglasses seem to be rather popular in football circles, as we can see below.
Alessandro Florenzi (Roma) and Thiago Silva (PSG) sporting D2 shades
 Strange fact: in relation to eyewear, only a month ago the brand had organised a competition for its clients. Those who odered over 10 pieces were entered into a draw to win tickets for the opening match of the cup (France/Romania)! 

And finally, there are players who just enjoy hanging out with Dean and Dan.

Marco Verratti and the twins, June 2016


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