Lunch at Ceresio7!

Canadian Tuxedo has finally undertaken a harduous pilgrimage throughout the promised land, which in fashion terms, is Italy.

GoD2 lives in Milano, and the temple is at number 7/9 via Ceresio. Number 9 are the headquarters, number 7, the well-known Veresio 7 pools and restaurant. See their site and menus by clicking Ceresio 7. The chef is Elio Sironi.

Canadian Tuxedo had a lunch reservation there…

Canadian Tuxedo posing in front of the D2 headquarters
Canadian Tuxedo posing in front of the entrance to the bar/restaurant
View from Canadian Tuxedo’s table
To drink: red wine and sparkling water
Starter: asparagus, buffallo mozzarella, salmon dices
Main: grilled fish with basil on a potato cream
Desert: pieces of exotic fuits and berries
‘Café gourmand’ (espresso with small pastries)

After opting for the lunch formula, consisting of three course with wine and coffee for a very reasonable €40, here is Canadian Tuxedo’s verdict (keep in mind that this is a layman’s opinion rather than a food critic’s):

  • Great setting, potted plants, space between the tables, idyllic pools, superb view over the Corso Como area of Milan.
  • Very light R&B music in the background, nowhere near a level that could be annoying or distracting.
  • Waiters super friendly, and with perfect English. What a pleasure for the aficionado to see waiters wearing Dsquared2 shirts!
  • Fast service, but note that I was not a busy day and it was lunchtime rather than evening dinner.
  • The portions there correspond to what you’d expect in a trendy cuisine restaurant. A little light for my tastes but that’s because I eat for five people. Note that If this reflects the D2 diet, no wonder the twins are not exactly hippos.

Did you notice that on the photos of the pools…no one ever seems to bother going for a dip?! Is it because everyone already has access to a pool at their local gym? Or the fear of embarassment being the only one in speedos around dressed up people closing business deals and lovers on a romantic date? Or not having your swimming gear with you when you go out for cocktails? Or the €110 it cost?

The anecdote: when the guy at the reception was looking for my name on the reservation list, I could clearly see another booking for that night. It said: CATEN, 5 (true story).



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