“Capri…c’est fini”*.      (*French song from the 60’s)

Dean and Dan in Capri…on Friday
Canadian Tuxedo was in Capri on Thursday. The Caten twins were there the week before and everyone knew that…but they were back to the pretty island on Friday for the lavish wedding of Giovanna Battaglia and Oscar Englebert.
So, as we are currently in Naples, we missed them….but not by much.

Canadian Tuxedo in Capri…on Thursday
What was this wedding all about now?
Italian born Giovanna Battaglia  started as a model for Dolce & Gabbana and eventually became a stylist for high profile fashion publications. Today, she is contributing Fashion Editor at W Magazine, Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Japan and Creative Director of the New York cabaret Queen of the Night. 

Oscar Engelbert, from Sweeden, is a frankly wealthy realtor. He studied at Secondary school, Boston University and Economics for Entrepreneurs, and founded Oscar Properties Holding AB (publ); he has been its Chief Executive Officer since 2011.

Giovanna Battaglia and Oscar Engelbert
With such high profile players in fashion and business, no wonder the jet-set came down to Capri for the wedding which started as a rehearsal on Thursday, and carried on Friday and Saturday until the massive party on a boat (yes!) into the wee hours of Sunday morning.
The bride might have worn Alexander McQueen for the big day, but the Caten twins are obviously privy to her inner circles as some of the photos below can testify.

The bride wearing McQueen
Dan on the main square of Capri village
Later, Gianpaolo Sgura, Dan and Neil Barrett. Note the Caten ability to mix and match the most unlikely pieces…and look the business!
Cattenacci é Della Russo
The party is starting…fot the lucky ones who have an invitation
The party is in full swing
…the sun is also rising
…but the guests can’t get enough of it

The twins and the bride
Let’s hope they didn’t party too hard. Already another function to attend on Sunday, in Sicily!


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