Sweating in style

Since the gym craze has taken over the world by storm in the last five or six years, so has the market for gym clothes.

I read somewhere that ‘if you look the part, it’s half the job done’. And I get that. Cool gym gear helps with the emotional stamina needed for working extra hard; it help you morph into this sports persona you didn’t know you had inside.

However if you look around in the gyms you’ll notice that it is mostly women that abide by this principle. I have no doubt whatsoever that they know it helps them look hot too, but the attention they got from the blokes around can in turn be coverted into extra training energy, so they kill two birds really.

A lot of guys however just throw on anything that they wouldn’t use in the office really.

Fashion guys having an undeniable feminine side, we fear not dressing up for the gym, eventhough most of the time nobody gives a donkey’s arse about what we look like.

Here’s one of my Dsquared2 gym ensemble. Unfortunately I am not fit enough to complete the ironman challenge….



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