Canadian Tuxedo friends: Gentleman Inked

1) First of all, could you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi guys, Gentleman Inked (Hamburg/Brighton); Fashion influencer, alternative/tattoo model. I’ve been featured on a few independent IG accounts including many times on boysandbrands.

Instagram: gentlemaninked. Also on: Shirubi (click on hyperlink)

2) Since when have you been following or wearing Dsquared2?

I first bought a D2 item, a T-shirt, circa 2007, but it was their fall/winter collection 2012-2013 that REALLY got me into their work. More than anything else it is their denim jeans that do it for me. They simply do the best men’s jeans. I love the twist and low waist of them.

3) How would you describe your style?

My style is high-end streetwear DSQ, with a touch of vintage, with lots and lots of tattoos. I really mean LOADS of tattoos and planning more…

4) How many pieces do you think you might have?

So difficult to say how many D2 items that I own, but it’s probably about 50-75 pieces. The most expensive have been five jackets (two leather jackets, two bombers and a denim one). I’m almost tempted to say that I’ve lost count of the amount of DSQ I own. UPS know me all too well!!

5) What makes you attracted to the brand?

I love Dsquared2 colours, but also the witty side it has.

6) What do you think the twins are best at?

I love all that DSQ do, but to me you can’t beat their fall/winter men’s collections and in particular their men’s jeans (love cropped, low waist, twisted). I also love their jackets and button-up formal shirts as well as bright, graphic tshirts.

7)What have been your favourite collection(s) so far?

For me their best collection so far was that fall/winter 2012-13 (Back to school). I would have got every piece if I’d had the cash.

8) Anything you’re not too keen on at D2?

The only thing that I would point out is that sometimes the quality of their men’s chinos isn’t great. I have a pair which have ripped around the bottom.

9) Do you wear other brands?

I wear sooooo much D2, though recently have been getting into second hand vintage style, like leather biker jacket, rings and hats.

10) In your own wardrobe, what is your favourite piece?

It’s really difficult for me to say what my favourite DSQ piece is but it may be a padded military bomber jacket form from fall/winter 2015/16. Dsquared2 are definitely my favourite items to wear.

11) A final word?

DSQ are by far my favourite designer. Love their colours, the cuts, the way that their clothes have a lighter, witty side to them which when you wear them lets people know you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Gentlemaninked 👍🏼


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