Mangapunk is really here…

One after the other, authorised D2 online distributors are bringing out the Autumn-Winter men’s collection. There will probably be more pieces on the other side of the summer, particularly in terms of key runway items (oversize coats, silver, red silk outerwear…) but we already have a good idea of what our next six months of online D2 porn are going to be like.

So what have we got? Well the great winner is the bomber jacket (whose history was the subject of a previous post); no less than a dozen different models are already on offer! Black, blue, brown, tartan or with barbed wired motifs; leather, felt or nylon; with zips, withs straps, with oversized pockets…nearly every possible variation on the theme.

Now a close second to the bomber jacket in term of omniprence is the zip. They are everywhere. Sometimes one single zip in an unexpected place (lower sleeve, chest…), sometimes up to six zips on an item in a Vivienne Westwood early punk fashion. 

An element that could not be foreseen from the official theme ‘Mangapunk’ is the presence of military or officers jackets, that is high buttoning tailored items adorned with medals, stripes, shoulder straps…May be these could have been kept for another collection with the military as its central theme. I thought the same at the time of ‘La nouvelle noir‘ when 95% of pieces had a common denominator in the New Orleans/Jazz theme, yet a few items were inspired by post WW2 US military uniforms. I find such concepts so strong that they could warrant a whole season…

Eventhough the dominant colours are black and white, sweatshirts and tees are decorated with Japanese symbols and decorations evoking Samurai, cherry flowers…

One recurring motif too is the stylised barbed wire. Either a single double spike, or in a quasi  houndstooth pattern, very interesting on a coat for instance.

Tuxedo jackets are there in force too, with zips, sequins, badges…to be paired with a wide range of black pants, again rangong from plain to zipped and strapped.

Heavy boots, while not yet available, will be part of the winter D2 man’s silhouette.

Therefore as an overall look, it has a strong 1980’s urban tribe feel, with an Asian twist. A very strong collection in my opinion. I am already quite worried about finding the cash for all the items I really need (not want, NEED!)


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