Casual sophistication: the Cocktails t-shirt

Tee shirts tend to be rather mundane; one would not easily use terms like ‘unbelievable’, ‘amazing’ for them, whereas one would for jackets, shoes, dresses…

However the second my eyes set on the D2 Cocktails t-shirt (ss16)…i was in love!
How come? It’s only a black tee with a gold print after all. Well, yes, but this is actually the improvement of a concept that started a couple of seasons ago.

Its first ancestor was the ‘Canada’s Twins’ maple leaf, ‘hetero fit‘ t-shirt, available in black or white In. My opinion the print was overwhelming and the cut was not particularly interesting.

Then there was the ‘Champagne‘ tee shirt. The latter had a more fitted cut, and the idea of the bubbly is interesting. However the lenght of the word obliged the fonts to be quite thin.

Now we have the Cocktail piece. 

The cut is Chic Dan fit. Warning: it is very slim, the collar and armholes are really narrow, so you might have to opt for one size abive your regular size.

The fabric is 100% cotton, yet there is a silky shine and feel to it.

The fonts are just right in my opinion, in terms of size and layout. And for some reason the very word ‘cocktail’, like ‘champagne’ before, hits you on a subconsicous level, the type of drink being evocative of class, parties, good times…

So get yourself a Cocktail tee, and let’s share a vodka martini, my favourite mix; with a twist please.


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