Canadian Tuxedo friends: Anderson from Cologne

1) Could you first introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi everyone, my name is Anderson Schwarz and I am a Hairstylist at Pascha Cologne (Germany).

2) Since when have you been following or wearing Dsquared2?

I have been wearing Dsquared since…1998!

3) How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is casual chic…

4) How many pieces do you think you might have?

I think have more than 50 Dsquared pieces.

5) What makes you attracted to the brand?

It’s the cut and the style that make D2 so attractive to me.

6)  What do you think the twins are best at?

I specially love the shoes, jeans and jackets.

7) What have been your favourite collection(s) so far?

The very best collections for me were the skinhead, pop and deep-surf.

8) What other brands do you wear?

Yes, I also wear Gucci.

9) If you had anything to say to Dean and Dan what would this be?

You know I’ve actually known the guys for so many years…I meet them in Ibiza, Rio and Mykonos. I was also invited for a Show in Milano.


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