This week-end on Fashion TV: ‘The story of Dsquared2’

This week-end, 13-15th of May, Fashion TV is broadcasting ‘The story of Dsquared2‘. The channel’s web page states:

It’s raw, it’s fresh, and we guarantee you haven’t seen a fashion story like it!

It is live as we are posting this: check it out here: Fashion TV live

With a viewership of 400 million, it is always good publicity! Note that 80 million of these are in Arab countries, which helps explains the implantation of the fashion industry – including our favourite brand – in the Emirates, or more recently in Turkey. The geopolitical irony is that the channel broadcasts…from Israel.

It seems that it is a new documentary, as it features catwalks from just a few months ago. There has previously been such a progamme on D2, which you can watch by following this link: The story of Dsquared – 2013


Good watching D2 people!




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