BAFTA 2016. Graham Norton in D2.

I was surprised not to spot any Dsquared2 on the red carpet at the recent Met gala. However on the other side of the Atlantic the brand was represented at the BAFTA’s yesterday by Saturday Night Show host Graham Norton.

I want to assure you that no one is going to be judged for the way they’re dressed here tonight,” he said. “Because that is the job of tomorrow’s Mail Online. Spotting some contenders…”. Well, when wearing Dsquared2 it is Canadian Tuxedo’s job to judge you Mr Norton!

Despite wearing an interesting ensemble from the AW09-10 collection, I am not overly impressed by the overall styling.

The good: the suit and intricate embroideries are superb, the bottom button of the waistcoat correctly left unfastened (this rule of style is said to date back to Edward the VII, Prince of Wales, whose belly was too prominent to fasten his waistcoat all the way down; what started as a practical arrangement with buttoning quickly began to be imitated by the gentry of the days, making it a rule that survives over a century).

The bad: while the Caten brothers frequently wear tuxedos with four-in-hand ties, I personally do not like the combination, having too many black silk vertical lines, and I wish – particularly with such a classy suit/waistcoat combo – that he had worn a bow-tie.

Secondly the jacket’s sleeves are too long. As a result they crease. On top of that the wearer does not show cuff, when style dictates that crisp white cuff at the end of the sleeves is essential.

Thirdly the trousers are too long and break in too many places. Would that have been that difficult to get them properly shortened?

The ugly: what the f**k are these shoes? Old, well-worn patent loafers/mocassins with a first class tux? This is a slap in the face to black tie etiquette. Shame on you my beloved Graham.

Anyways, I think we will hear more from the popular Irish man in the press today, not for what he wore though, but for what he said…


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