YOUPORN in a bottle?

Dsquared2 ‘Potion’ fragrance review

I have to admit that I am not generally a fan of Dsquared2 fragrances for men. I find them too woody, too generic, too commercial…Even The names and packaging I am not keen on. They certainly don’t make me dream like Serge Lutens‘ fragrances do (my favourites: “Chergui” and “Arabie”).

This is with the exception of the original “Potion”, launched in 2011, their second men’s fragrance (after “He Wood”).

Making ‘Potion’

I often wear it when I want something that is not overpowering but instead sweet, versatile and which puts me in a good mood for the day ahead. To me it is more a day fragrance, more suited to young and cool than mature and sophisticated, and quirky due to its spicy quality. I would place it in the same family as Viktor & Rolf “Spicebomb” or Dior Homme “Eau noire” (discontinued). describes its ingredients as such: Top notes: red mint leaves, angelica and thyme. Heart: rose petals, black  peppercorns, tear drops of gentian and cinnamon sticks. Base: cashmere wood,  patchouli, amber and musk.

The packaging is inspired by the ancient pharmaceutical vials. It is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum with the extension line of aftershave lotion spray, hair and body wash, body lotion, natural spray and alcohol free deodorant and perfume oil.

The advertising campaign is like Soviet/Fascist art meets Sex, thanks to the chiseled features and passionate embrace of models Diego Miguel (Brazil) and Malgosia Bella (Poland).

Annick Menardo is the “nose” behind it. It has been decribed as “a tool of seduction, conquer and emotions and is inspired by the chemical workshops of the past. Potion is designed as a magical alchemy that evokes carnal desires and lust“.

Annick Menardo

Carnal desires and lust? Well, these themes are not new in the fragrance world, after Tom Ford’s Black orchid, which in the words of the great man himself, is supposed to “smell like the sweat on a man’s b***s”, or Secretions magnifiques by Etats libres d’Orange, which is supposed to – and actually does – remind you of sweat and semen.

So, is there some hint of fleshy desire in Potion? Hard to judge when it’s on your own skin, but c’mon, it can’t be as hot as that stuff below…





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