A fistful of dollars ($850 to be exact)

The problem with menswear is that we often feel restricted to tops, shirts, trousers, jackets and coats. Anything outside of this range and you could easily be laughed at. Women have a little more choice with skirts, dresses, capes…

AW15-16 Womenswear

Dsquared2 have been exploring ethnic clothing in recent women’s collections, but the current “surf” men’s collection also features something new for men at D2: a native American style poncho (as seen above the infamous D-squaw collection  featured one for women).



Ponchos have been worn for millenia in South America, in particular in the Andes. It is known to have been the typical dress of the Paracas, a Pre-Inca people, around 500 B.C, in the region which is now Peru.

Since then ponchos have been adopted (and adapted) worldwide as a handy protection from the elements. The military, hunters, campers…are all aficionado of the garment.

In its more traditional form the poncho has achieved iconic status on the silver screen with Clint Eastwood sporting the garment in Sergio Leone’s Western spaghetti trilogy (A fistful of dollars, For a few dollars more and The good, the bad and the ugly).


The one produced by Dean and Dan for S/S2016 is made of 78% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 7% Acrylic, is available in one size only (we haven’t had a chance to try one on, but the unique size might make it look too short or too long depending on the stature).

The dominant colour is white and it features what after a bit of research appear to be Navajo designs. I haven’t seen any claim of “appropriation of indegenous culture” this time but probably just because it must have gone under the radar, being just one piece drowned in the middle of a whole collection.

Now, can everybody wear that? I am not too sure. This whole “surf” concept was geared at younger people anyways, those who spend a lot of time doing fuck all by the beach. I can’t really imagine my dad (should I say myself?) on a surfboard….or wearing a poncho for that matter. So yes I like it, but it’s just not for me. Too old and not Clint enough.


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