Total look: Bond or Brando?

Until a couple of years ago I used to buy clothes by various designers. Dsquared2 accounted for 0ver half of my purchases but I was regularly unashamedly cheating .

For instance I have a fondness for A1923 boots (handmade by Simone Cechetto), for Boris Bidjan Saberi leather jackets, for all Dolce&Gabbana, for Dior Homme shirts, for Tom Ford sunglasses…

For some reason I have now shifted to “all D2”. From a philiosophical point of view it sound profoundly mediocre, and as a man of values and principles I did ponder over it. Enslaved to a brand? Victim of marketing?

However I justify it in the way that Dsquared2 is actually not a marketing ploy. It truly is the vision of Dean and Dan Caten. The twins really wear their clothes, everyday, every style…The brand only brings to us what deep down they create for themselves, and marketing merely brings the truth to the unbeliever. So, bring it on!

The good thing about the D2 is that you are never stuck with one style. It would be hard with some designers to look sharp suited during the day and “rockn’roll” that very night, wearing the same brand head to toe.

With Dsquared2 you can. They are as proficient in making biker boots and leather jackets as they are in tailoring blazers and suits.

Proof below with two total looks I picked on different nights out.

Bond style
“The wild one”



Of course, no amount of D2 clothes can make me looks as cool as Sean Connery or Marlon Brando though, but who can?


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