Baby seeks fire to light

Anybody here who has been purchasing Dsquared2 jeans in the last five years would have come accross the black cardboard tab sewn to the back on which the cut of the jeans is announced (Kenny Twist, Cool guy…).


Once removed, you notice that the inside is a mock matchbook, decorated with trompe-l’oeuil matches, a Dsquared2 logo, a handwritten style message ‘COME oN BABY LIGHT My FiRE!!’, and a phone number: 555 – 148370

I wonder how many people tried to call this number over the years. Being in charge of the only blog about the brand, I could not be intrigued and at least attempt it.

I first researched what 555 numbers were. I learnt that these are typically the beginning of fictional phone numbers in the US and Canada, in film, TV series…However as not every 555 number is fictitious (actually 555-0100 through 555-0199 only are reserved for fictitious use), I decided to call…

To my great disappointment I got a ‘Not in service’ type message.

I called a Dsquared2 store to see if they could provide me with anymore information in relation to this number, but it seems that really it is only for fun and marketing.

No big deal for sure, but knowing how cheeky the twins can be (many of the cryptic messages on their clothes which actually bears some meaning for the initiated few), I was expecting something like a greeting by them, some D2 slogan,  some advertisement or whatever….

But no, nothing, rien de rien, fuck all, nada. I’ll have to call someone else if I want to light a fire.




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