2D or not 2D? – Robert Rabensteiner

Last week Dsquared2 produced a short black and white clip (directed by Adam Slama), named “London classics” featuring Robert Rabensteiner. The gist being in essence: ‘Be you!’.

For people who are not totally au fait, we decided to introduce the man by digging out a few interviews given in the past. While reviewing these the question that sprung to Canadian Tuxedo Blog’s mind was: how Dsquared2 is the man?

Who is Robert Rabensteiner?

You must first know that Rabensteiner is a stylist and fashion editor of L’Uomo Vogue. Discovered in the era of street fashion blogs (‘Scott Schuman started everything for me‘), he is often described as a Milanese institution and one of the most stylish men in fashion.

He is from South Tyrol in Austria, in a region which is culturally half Italian. Due to the nature of his work he is very international anyways, and states ‘when I’m in New York I feel American. When I go to Russia, I feel Russian….’

He draws his inspiration from the films of Luciano Visconti’s movies, Vittorio De Sica’s, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s (like Teorema) which he says ‘have a special elegance to them. From beginning to end, they always dressed their characters beautifully‘. He also reads a lot, and is particularly found of Russian writers. His favourite book is ‘Memoires de Balthus’ (the Polish-French artist).

Now let’s talk about style now: 2D or not 2D?

He likes blending periods or cultures to create a new feel: ‘ I like to put a designer jacket together with something from my family. That makes it special.’ We are onto something here. In another interview we found the following: ‘I always loved dressing up, and creating looks with my grandfather’s old suits and then adding something Chinese or Moroccan to it‘. Of course this could apply to Yves St Laurent or Dolce&Gabbana, but it is also a very ‘Caten twins’ thing, mixing and matching the sometimes unmatchable.

Give me a jacket and I can create a world around it – I can make it traditional, I can make it elegant; I can make it rock ’n’ roll.’ We are in full Dsquared2 mode right here.

A classic wardrobe is what a man needs: a tuxedo, a frock, a suit for the day, and a sporty outfit‘. Again spot on D2 here.

So for sure the spirit is there; the man has a Dsquared2 mindset.


However, mindset is not brand loyalty.

Let’s look into this: he attends Dsquared2 shows in Milan, front row. But with such a position he probably attends every designer’s show, front row.

The Caten twins produce bowties in each collection, nearly a signature item. Rabensteiner says ‘there are many designers who make bowties, but there are just a few who make the most special ones or the really classic ones. You either go to Charvet, to Lanvin or you go and have one made by hand‘. So for bowties, D2 is out!

Regarding designers in general: ‘Of course, I have my favorite designers, others whom I like, and others whom I don’t like at all.’ Another interview actually identifies the ones in the first category: ‘I love Lanvin, I love Haider Ackermann and Giorgio Armani, these are my favorite designers‘. However in a third talk he states about Brands: ‘I don’t have a favourite‘, however this being on a multi-brand site we can understand the necessary tact in answering the question. In any case, no mention of Dsquared2 here.

For his jeans, another very D2 speciality, his favourite brand and model is the Levi’s Vintage Clothing 501’s.

For shoes: ‘I have a big problem with shoes. The closest I ever got to my perfect shoe is John Lobb‘.

In conclusion that’s not much in terms of Dsquared2…

Yet he is the center of attention through the 1.48′ of ‘London classics’. In it he seems to be wearing a Dsquared2 three-piece London suit, a double-breasted Napoli suit, D2 cufflinks, Dsquared2 vision glasses, a black and a white tuxedo which we can reasonably assume are D2 as well. However the shoes are definitely not Dsquared2 and there is some doubt as to whether the tuxedo shirt is D2, it featuring dress studs which is unusual for the Canadian twins creations.

So in essence, we can say that Rober Rabensteiner is not a D2 purist like Canadiantuxedoblog people, yet he has a Dsquared2 flair and vibe to him; in essence he ‘is him‘, which is the message of the clip in the first place!

P.S.: his good tastes do not end at clothing as he cites Silvana Mangano and Romy Schneider as the most beautiful women he has ever seen.


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