Less than 24h to go…What a torture!

Tomorrow morning at 9.30am Italian time, the Men AW16-17 Dsquared2 show is on in Milan.

What do we know: it is held at the Teulie Military school, that the hashtag for it is #mangapunk and that it may feature model/musician Lucky Blue Smith, but it is unclear whether the latter will perform rather than walk the runway, the “watch him live” comment on Dean and Dan’s instagram post may just be tongue in cheek. Kit Butler and Matty Carington are confirmed models, and formthe former, a ‘live tomorrow’ seems to indicate that Smith is just a model amongst others.



Through the grapevine we have learnt that it is a very strong collection, with zips and a fitted silhouette, but not much more. Very little must have been leaked as a Google search gives very little results bar actual manga stuff (see below).


Smith is relatively new to the industry yet he was named to Models.com’s “Top 50 Male Models” for 2015 and had the second highest number of social media followers of all male models in the industry.

Lucky Blue Smith and the Caten twins

The connection between Smith and Punk is not a new one as you can see on the above photograph for Numero Homme berlin 2015, where the model poses as punk icon Billy Idol.

Anyways, little else to discuss until tomorrow morning, so let’s wait and bit our nails together in expectation…

The official invitation to the show



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