Mock tattoos 2: Swallows

Truthful to the old-time sailor imagery that is a recurrent theme in fashion and at Dsquared2, the Caten brothers have recently issued several items that featured the cotton equivalent of the classic ‘swallow tattoo’.


It is said that in the old days of the British navy, one swallow would mark 5,000 nautical miles sailed;  after 10,000 nautical miles a sailor had earned his second swallow.


There is also a particular symbolism associated with these birds: they are supposed to protect the sailor at sea and ensure his safe return home (as swallows return to the same place every year to mate and nest). Another beautiful legend says that should the ship sink and the sailor drown, the swallows will carry his soul to heaven.

So let yourself get carried to heaven with Dsquared2 swallows….

PS: why, oh  why did the twins decide to write ‘boy bitch’ in between the two birds on the grey hoodie above?…Actually, the last picture may help explain that 🙂



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