45 seconds from the box to the bin

Distressed gym shorts ordered online. I open the box. Trying them on. Pulling on the drawstring to tighten it….and it breaks.

From the box the the bin in 45 seconds max.

Now of course I got the drawstring fixed, sewn back together by the wonderful little ladies of my alteration centre, who by now know Dsquared inside out by now.

The problem here is that the fabric used is not really designed to be turned into a drawstring. It simply does not have the resistance for it. It is the same fabric as the shorts, and is designed to match them.However as the name indicates, drawstrings are supposed to be drawn…

Should I have to expect that from a €200 or so pair of shorts? Are blue drawstrings that don’t break that impossible to source?

I know it’s only a matter of time before it breaks again when adjusting it….in the middle of the gym. No quads and glutes can justify that 🙂



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