What’s in a name?

Dsquared2….What a strange name for a fashion house. Letter “D”, to the power of two; not “DD” because that’s a brand of socks, but D for designers twins Dean and Dan; and after the ‘squared’, often a little “2” exponent as well, the latter rarely pronounced in spoken form.

If you think about it for a while, is it a good name? I don’t know if I would have picked it amongst others myself; it doesn’t have the mythological resonance of Hermès; it doesn’t have the timeless reliability of Louis Vuitton; it doesn’t have the chanting Florentine quality of Gucci; it does not have the pontifical sanctity of Tom Ford; neither has it got the aristocratic vibe of Yves St Laurent, the Gallic refinement of Chanel….and it often gets confused with Spanish brand Desigual.

Yet with a name that sounds brash, loud, street-like, that we have often seen written in graffiti style, the “brand” (to be read literally here) has managed to become more than a name but a household name; on the red carpet, an evening dress by Dsquared2 is probably considered as prestigious as any. And it’s a name I am more than happy to sport everyday right on my crotch. So in the end, I would have been wrong about the name. And anway….what’s in a name?





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