To celebrate an Irish Christmas in Dsquared2 style

In the entertainment circus which is a necessary part of the run-up to a major fight, like the one between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor in Vegas last week-end, some Irish fans in a dedicated festive mood were adressing a bewildered Holly Holm who, was doing her best to understand them and respond to their cheeky questions.


One of these celtic invaders asked her if she would join them for the twelve pubs of Christmas this year. The MMA champion could not for the life of her figure out what this young lad was saying.

She eventually got it but part of the problem might have been that few people outside of Ireland have ever heard of this relatively new – and increasingly controversial – way of celebrating the birth of of a left-wing Rabbi of unknown father around 2000 years ago: by following a pre-determined route of twelve pubs in groups all wearing bright Christmas jumpers (featuring snowflakes, reindeers, Santa… and as many garlands of lights as possible), with the mission of finishing the night having had at least one drink in each one of the twelve establishments.

Controversial it is as it is not like Ireland needed another reason to drink itself to oblivion, but let’s pass on that.


Should you visit Ireland around the Christmas period, if you want to fit in while remaining loyal to your favourite brand, there is still one Dsquared2 Christmas jumper available on ebay. An added benefit is the typically D2 distressed look, as it will hide the inevitable damage of a night on the sauce (pints accidentally spilled on you, your best friend throwing up while clinging on to your shoulder, mud from the gutter where you will take a nap…).


That way you can celebrate Christmas AND the victory of Dubliner Conor McGregor in style!




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